About Cold Noses

COLD NOSES is an individually-owned sole-trader business based in Buckshaw Village, Chorley, offering a professional, experienced and competitively-priced Dog Walking Service.

Cold Noses My name is Carolyn, and I own and run Cold Noses. After working in accountancy and management for 27 years, and having acquired various Business Studies qualifications, and an honours degree in law, I finally decided that this was not the life for me and that I needed a complete change. I knew that I wanted to work with dogs and had spent a couple of years researching various options for a career that would be more rewarding and which would provide a worthwhile service. I finally took the plunge in April 2008, and have not looked back since! For anyone who is curious about the name, a dog with a cold nose is a healthy dog!

EXPERIENCE - I have been working as a Professional Dog Walker on a full-time basis since April 2008. I was brought up with dogs and have, since then, had dogs of my own for over 35 years. I walk a wide variety of breeds of all ages, sizes and temperaments and have walked many of 'my' existing dogs for several years, many since they were pups.

RELEVANT QUALIFICATIONS - I hold a Professional Dog Walker Diploma (passed with Distinction - certificate available to view in the 'Gallery and Testimonials' section). The diploma covers: Canine Anatomy; Canine Form and Function; Canine Body Language; Canine Law; Canine First Aid and Canine Aggression.

For the Dog Walking Service, I cover from Adlington to Buckshaw Village. I am fortunate in that the areas I cover are surrounded by lovely countryside, with many public footpaths. which makes the walks more interesting both for myself and the dogs I am walking.

Cold Noses has already proved very popular with dog owners who are out at work all day but do not want to leave their dogs on their own. A dog can live up to 15 years, and more, so it is not unusual to buy a dog and for circumstances to change a few years down the line and for dog owners to find they are unable to spend as much time with their dog as they could in the past. Others have recently become dog owners and want to ensure their puppy gets the best possible start in life, including the opportunity to socialise with other dogs. Whatever the reason, all my customers are responsible dog owners, and want the best for their pets, so knowing that their dog will be taken out into the countryside with someone they know and trust gives them a peace of mind which is priceless.

For further enquiries please 'phone 07840 916856 or email carolyn.coldnoses@googlemail.com
Happy dog!